Winfree Memorial Preschool is committed to helping each child attain their developmental and educational objectives.

Our WEE Spiritual curriculum is used to guide our spiritual lessons.  We use this curriculum to help children develop as Jesus did physically and mentally, spiritually and socially.  (Luke 2:52) Each lesson provides guidance and activities appropriate to the child's stage of development that provide language, reading, writing, and math skills and phonological awareness.  In addition, the curriculum is developed to provide opportunities for each child to learn about God's world and how to live in it.  It is designed to help lay a foundation for understanding God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, community and world, and creation.

Our educational goals are based on the Virginia Department of Education’s publication, Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early LearningComprehensive standards for Four-year olds and the Virginia smart beginnings/milestones of child development a guide to young children’s learning and development from birth to kindergarten.  Both of these publications provide learning standards for children which prepare them for kindergarten.  The goals and objectives cited throughout Winfree Memorial Preschool lesson plans are derived from these sources, which are the most credible and highly respected curriculum tools developed specifically to align preschool work and play with Kindergarten requirements and standards of learning (SOL) in Virginia. 

We offer enrichment programs such as:

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