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In addition to our regular curriculum, we offer the following programs which are designed to enhance your child’s experience here at Winfree Memorial Preschool: We are offering new and exciting enrichment programs that will take place right here at Winfree, so you do not need to travel or leave for the day! We bring the programs straight to you. You have the flexibility to sign up for as many or as little as you like. Some of the programs we are offering are, Kindermusic/Creative Art Classes, Soccer Shots, Shooting Stars, and Katie's Little Dancers as well as Bricks 4 kids, a science, technology program.

Bricks 4 kidz

Bricks 4 KIDZ is a after school STEM program that is designed to create a time of fun and learning for the preschool child using DUPLO bricks to create simple structures.  The curriculum introduces developmentally appropriate concepts such as counting and patterning, recognizing colors and shapes, ordering, positional words, fine motor skills and more.

Shooting Stars Athletics

This is a gross motor athletic program for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Class takes place once a week throughout the school year. The children experience a variety of sports in a fun learning environment. The program helps the children build confidence and gives them a positive attitude about fitness and sports. A sport of the week is featured (soccer, basketball, gymnastics, etc). This is an elective program.

Soccer shots

Soccer Shots is an active learning program that teaches everything Soccer! There will be a Soccer Shots coach that will instruct the students on learning about sportsmanship and the soccer game. This program is available one day every week during our Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions for children 3 years and up. Classes will be held outside in our fenced in playground. Tuition varies according to program


 Inspire your child's love of art with art lessons new every session.  Your child will learn fundamental drawing skills, build color recognition and application skills, develop line and shape recognition, all while learning and having lots of fun.  You can expect improved handwriting, fine motor skills, self confidence and an over all "I can do it attitude!"


Three ways music classes will prepare your child for school.  Social skills: sharing instruments, turn-taking, and conversational skills.  In addition to self-confidence and empathy for their peers.  Fine motor skills:  instrument play using rhythm sticks, drums, and shakers help children develop the small muscles of their hands and fingers.  Attention: active listening, stop and start games, and an appropriate mixture of repetition and variety in activities help children develop a healthy attention span. 


This is a 45 minute weekly dance class that will begin teaching the basic ballet and tap fundamentals.  Children will continue to expand their vocabulary for dance steps and musical awareness throughout the dance season.  This class will also incorporate creative movement and tumbling to help the dancers build their strength, flexibility, coordination, gross motor, and listening skills.  All with lots of fun!!!   A season ending dance recital will be held sometime in April.







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