We know that good nutrition contributes to effective learning in children. Numerous studies have demonstrated that eating healthy snacks regularly will boost your child's ability to learn, to think quickly, to pay attention and even to get along with others. With that in mind, we offer a family style eating method for snack time. Eating together gives each child an opportunity to learn manners, good food habits, and conversation.

Packed Lunches and Lucky Lunch Guidelines/Allergy Information

If your child participates in either Extended Care or Lucky Lunch, you will be asked to pack a lunch USDA recommendations for healthy lunches for preschoolers are listed below. Please do not send peanuts, peanut products, or tree nuts so we may protect the health of children with life-threatening allergies to nuts.Please notify the school if your child has an allergy that we should accommodate.

Please remember to pack lunches that are entirely nut free.Read product labels carefully as you shop for your child’s school lunch products. We are seriously monitoring lunches to keep children with life-threatening allergies safe while at preschool. If we find a product including nut products in your child’s lunch, we will remove it and notify you immediately. All lunches should be sent in lunch containers which include a refrigerant. Lunch boxes will be held in a chilled cooler until lunch is served.

USDA Lunch Recommendations for Preschoolers

·Milk – ¾ to 1 cup of milk or 1 oz. of cheese of ¾ cup of yogurt

·Meat – 1-1 ½ oz. of meat, fish, or poultry of ½ cup of peas, beans, or tofu, or 1 egg

·Fruits/vegetables – ¼ cup of 1 small piece of each

·Breads/cereals – 1 slice of bread, ¼ cup rice, macaroni or dry cereal

·Water – 2-4 oz. at least 4 times a day



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