Toddlers are primarily concerned with developing and understanding who they are.  Beginning at 18 months, identity becomes the dominant theme for them.  Developing this sense of self has a lot to do with their desire and drive for independence and control.  Whether toddlers are still teetering with a wide-based gait, confidently getting around on two legs, or standing only with assistance, they are busy "standing up for themselves.”  They are also busy exploring the world from their new, upright vantage point plunging ahead full speed before figuring out how to stop.  They are fascinated by words and language and they want to imitate everything we do.  This is why it is important to have positive models in the classroom and every opportunity for them to discover and explore and be guided to understand the environment that is around them. At Winfree Memorial, we understand toddlers! We provide them plenty of opportunities to explore, to develop language skills, build vocabulary, and develop an awareness of others through their play, observation, and exploration.

Two year olds

Two year olds are beginning to recognize peers and adults outside of their caregivers as people of interest.  They begin to develop parallel play and may dabble for moments in cooperative play.  They are fascinated with their environment and ask questions about what and where.  They are able to recognize familiar objects, pictures, and their favorite books.  They make choices and demand independence.  They want to show you what they are able to do and they want your full attention. 

Here at Winfree Memorial Preschool, we understand your two year old and his or her desire to explore and learn.  It is imperative at this time in their development that they are getting positive attention and are in a classroom which has healthy and consistent boundaries, with a strong model in the classroom.  Children at age two are testing these boundaries on a continual basis; it is here that they begin to learn appropriate social behaviors and interactions, with their peers and caregivers.  We acknowledge their frustrations, get down on their level when we talk to them, and offer redirection when they are frustrated.  We also work on potty training and basic self help skills so that they begin to build a healthy independence from parents and caregivers.

Preschool three –five year olds

Inquisitive minds ask why.  Three-five year olds are inquisitive all the time.  They begin to have more focused play that lasts longer and is more consistently cooperative.  They are recognizing that words are symbols that are different and have meaning, and when you put words together they make stories. They are able to tell you in complete sentences what they like and what they want. 

They are building fine motor skills, recognition, of social skills, and independence.  We encourage children at Winfree to build self – esteem and awareness for themselves and others through classroom responsibility.  Part of this process is building a healthy independence and in this we incorporate logical thinking and problem solving. At this age the children are beginning to develop special friendships. They will learn to interact with their peers rather than near their peers. Group activities are extended and academic introduction will begin to take place.

This is a time when the majority of a child’s basic concept understanding will be determined.  Here at Winfree Memorial Preschool, we take the time to build each developmental milestone in the children that attend our school, this ensures when they reach the critical age of four they are ready to retain and understand the concepts that will be taught and will be well prepared for Kindergarten.   We believe that by building their independence, we equip them to think for themselves, ask meaningful questions, and have higher level cognitive thinking skills.  We believe in taking the time to prepare your whole child. 

We introduce and expose the children to written, visual, verbal, and physical activities involving the alphabet and early literacy skills. Our curriculum consists of arts and crafts, songs and games, science and cooking projects, language, mathematics, multi-cultural activities, and an introduction to electronics. The children develop gross motor skills through creative movement classes and outside play.

Early and Extended care

This program is a Monday-Friday program for all children including Toddler and Two's. The program runs from 7:30a.m-6:00p.m During Extended Care, your child will be participating in different center time activities as well as developing social skills with other students. Extended Care teachers post lesson plans weekly. Early care and Extended Care programs run consistently with the school year.

Lucky Lunch

Lucky Lunch is a program in place where your child can bring his or her lunch to school and dine with his or her classmates and teachers. Lucky Lunch is in place to provide an easy transition for your child to attend enrichment programs after the daily classroom has ended, if you so choose. The cost for Lucky Lunch is $10 daily per child.   

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