All three of my children have had the privilege of attending Winfree Memorial Preschool.  We have been at Winfree for 9 years and I have enjoyed seeing those little minds develop.  Their staff is hands down the best around!  They truly want what is best for your children and provide the love, encouragement, and support they need.  They encourage children to explore and discover together and on their own.  My children have definitely reaped the benefits of Winfree's learn through play environment.  How did we get so lucky?!  Thank you Winfree Preschool...it has been an enjoyable ride!

Kristin Mierenfeld

Winfree Preschool is outstanding!! Both of my kids had wonderful experiences and I know my third will too! The thing that struck me most about Winfree was how attentive and loving all of the teachers were to each of their students! They truly loved my children. I felt confident that their emotional needs were being met while we were apart. I am a former teacher and I have high standards when it comes to education.  Winfree exceeded my expectations! My children have learned so much through their integrated curriculum. And because so much is Learned  through play the children are able to gain social, emotional and cognitive skills simultaneously!  The teachers are great at giving the students choices and helping them become independent!  We now have two very self confident little kids!! Thank you Winfree for nurturing and educating our children!  Blair Miller  

I have both of my sons at Winfree, and would keep them there forever if I could! The amount of caring, love, and thoughtfulness shown by every staff member (including people that do not teach my children), has blown me away. The boys LOVE going to school! I am amazed at how much they learn and grow, all while learning through play. Deciding on a preschool can be tedious and scary, but rest-assured, placing my boys at Winfree Preschool has been the best decision I have made for them, and us as parents too. Lexi Hanrahan 

Winfree  school  has the most amazing  and heartfelt teachers their experience has truly been quite an inspiration in my son's life. Love, The Flaster Family

How do we even begin to put into words a place that means to much to our family?  My husband and I both attended Winfree and our four sons have had the gift of Winfree as well.  Winfree is the epitome of everything that is right for children!  From the loving staff to letting children learn through play, Winfree is a nurturing place where children truly flourish and find joy in all that they do.  We LOVE Winfree Preschool!  :) Heather Thornton  :)

Thanks so much! I can’t tell you how much our daugher has loved this year! Winfree staff are amazing and have given her such an amazing foundation of learning. Katherine Ranallo

Our daughter was at Winfree for two years and had a wonderful experience. Her teachers were hands on and the staff was very knowledgeable about child development. We were very grateful for their Extended Care program. Becky McNeer

Winfree Preschool is an outstanding place for young children and families. We had the privilege to work alongside the excellent Winfree staff and children while running our Soccer Shots enrichment program. We enjoyed every moment, Thanks! Andrew Wells

I am so very proud of Winfree Preschool! It's a wonderful place to grow and play and be securely loved. Every child is treasured. Every parent is supported. And the whole community benefits when children and families get such a great start. Ginny Brenner

Winfree Preschool has been the best experience for my daughter and our family. While the front office staff has been kind and helpful, the teachers have been absolutely amazing. Entrusting the care or our daughter to virtual strangers was not an easy decision to make. But choosing Winfree was the absolute best choice. My daughter was excited to go to school right from the start! What an amazing job they have done to help her grow these last two years. She is ready for kindergarten and really looking forward to it! We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Winfree with our youngest daughter this coming year. The Dreissigacker Family

The teachers at Winfree are excellent, compassionate, loving and caring. They have truly been an inspiration in my son's learning and development at such a crucial stage of his life. Sincerely Mrs. Virginia Flaster

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